Ok been a while since I jotted down anything, this addition of From the Desk of …

Ok been a while since I jotted down anything, this addition of From the Desk of the Godfather is going to be a review of the 2017 season.

Well it all started off with the Kentucky Invitational and TNT Motorsports in the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY and the addition of another announcer our voice from the west Kenny Eggleston. Was a great add to the show, and had a great weekend of entertaining and working with Kenny that weekend.

On Saturday made the trip to Cloverdale, Indiana for NTPA’s Winter Nationals, was a great show and hope it grows more and more, had the opportunity to meet and talk with many time guest on Pulling Radio Network, “Bibs Gibberson” got to talk to many others and catch up with so many, hard to name them all. (Doug Roberts, Dave Bennet, Rodney Crum, Keith Ford, Miles Krieger, Brice Howell, Larry Richwine, Gregg Randall, Mike Whitt , Klint Tucker just to name a few.) Also got to meet the California crew, Donnie Reeves, Robbie Fagundes and Jesslyn Fagundes.

Then we rolled into Murfreesboro at the Southern Motorsports Invitational. Another awesome show as it gets better and better every year. We did a little LIVE STREAMING there through an IPad, and the reach and response was over whelming. And had a tremendous turnout to listeners on our LIVE audio feed. And got to witness a once in a lifetime event unfold right before my eyes. Out of 37 of the toughest LLSS tractors in the country, saw my Sister-in-Law and Brother make the Finals and come out of the Finals with Aaron winning and Melissa getting second place. So, made that a very special weekend.

Then started getting prepared for the Farm Show, our 2nd year of broadcasting from Broadbent Arena, and this year we added a twist to the mix. We did our daily shows right there from room #6 I do believe is correct room #, and did afternoon shows from the New Holland Booth in the afternoon on Wednesday through Friday. I felt like the changes made to the lineup in Louisville were positive and went over really well. And hoping for a great 50th and cant wait for it to be here.

TNT Motorsports and there Great Smoky Mountain Shootout, in its 2nd year a wonderful growth from previous year and to run the Pro Street Semis was a great addition to grow the show.

My first attempt at a full production LIVE Stream at the Sullivan’s Hansel Sullivan Memorial Pull, went great other than the fights with Mother Nature. But I learnt a lot to move on into Streaming the pulls as promoters ask for it.

Next show up to cover was in Georgetown, KY where we debuted the all new for 2017 Young Blood Super Modified 2wd of Jason Gibson and our partnership with them again for the 2017 season. Was a great show 2nd attempt of LIVE Streaming and it went pretty well this go around, other than having to smack one of the cameras on a wooden table to get it to cooperate. And the Young Blood Truck came out victorious this night at the hometown pull.

From this point I go into travel mode, I had on my bucket list to make the tour with the big guys, Jason decided early to throw his hat into the Grand National Title run. This gave me an opportunity to go along for the ride. Never being around a Blown 2wd that much at all, at first I was kind of hesitant to jump right in. 1st leg of the tour in Benson, North Carolina I just kind of took in what was happening and did a little coverage as in pictures and video for Pulling Radio Network to use.
I slowly worked my way into looking at how things worked and started to actually be a part of the crew and oh did we have a blast this summer, a long with a lot of head scratching and heart break a long the way
I grew to a new level of respect for anyone who runs the Grand National circuit or Champions Tour for that matter. Even though some State Level pulling is more rigorous than either one of the big ones.
I wrenched and tried to troubleshoot and had some success in beginning with The Young Blood Truck. The win at Jason’s hometown pull to a win with the truck at my hometown pull both with KTPA but had some really tough trucks at both of those events. And even a 2nd place finish at Tomah Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon. Then came the getting to really learn what makes those engines work or not work. And I did Make the Whole Grand National Circuit in 2017 and wow
Benson, North Carolina x2
Tomah, Wisconsin x2
Ionia, Michigan x2
Brandenburg, Kentucky x2
Wapakoneta, Ohio
Bowling Green, Ohio x2
Greenville, Ohio
Canfield, Ohio
And all the KTPA hooks we made that I only missed the August Germantown pull. And the ones that fell while running Grand National pulls. Ones that I made
Georgetown, Kentucky
Russell Springs, Kentucky
Shelbyville, Kentucky
Georgetown, Kentucky #2
Isom, Kentucky
Stanford, Kentucky
Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Germantown, Kentucky
Lafayette, Tennessee

Season winding down and the announcement that TNT Motorsports was going outdoors, well we had heard rumblings of this for a couple years. This year became a reality, Lawrenceburg, KY during the Burgoo Festival 2 night hook, with Super Mod 2wd running for the biggest amount of Prize monies that I can remember at $15,500 total purse for the two nights. And drew in several great competitors, and the show was spot on as always with TNT Motorsports. The following weekend we followed TNT right on down I-75 to Sevierville, Tennessee for there 2nd outdoor event. And I got my Solo opportunity to announce for these guys on Saturday night, and can and will announce right here next year last weekend in September they will be back there again.

I go now into the mode of preparing for next season, in the way of recruiting advertisers and sponsors, and to rejuvenate myself and be ready for it again in 2018,

I have to give a great big Thank You to Jason Gibson, and Sara Carter for taking me on as part of the crew. And to Todd Stone, Sam Winkle, and Matt Fister for all the memories I will never forget, and I am ready for round #2.


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