Michigan Pullers Connection 2.0

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Michigan Pullers Connection 2.0

Sorry we haven’t been on this page this summer much. It’s either pay the internet bill or put gas in the truck to get to the next pull.

We had to shut down filming operations after Fremont on the west side and Genesee on the east side of the state as we just could not afford to cover any more pulls. With about $1,400 in out of pocket expenses this summer and only around $400 in sales, this season was pretty much a LOSS.

We hope to figure ways to fix those issues with covering costs for next year, including to find event sponsorship so that we can continue to bring you great pulling videos!

If you felt you enjoyed all of what we do, you can help us out with a small donation of your choice on Paypal using the email of kb8rcr@gmail.com 🙂 Between internet access, fuel costs, etc. this channel costs A LOT of out-of-pocket $$$ as well as if you figure around 800-1000 hours a year in our TIME valued at even a low dollar amount of $5 per hour, this channel costs us over $5,000 per year. So, any donations are greatly appreciated. Thanks to those that are watching our videos! 🙂

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